The first 100% recyclable plastic museum in the world: The Plastic Museum opened on 8th May in Madrid with the aim of being recycled once it closed its doors a week later. On 17th May, to celebrate the World Recycling Day, the entire plastic museum was dismantled to be reused and recycled, giving each of its components a new life.

Eco design, use, reuse and recycling

The Plastic Museum seeks to raise awareness of how the responsible and correct use of plastics positively contributes to our society, and to show that the problem occurs when the waste is improperly managed. Furthermore, the museum emphasizes the importance of the use of plastic and its contribution to environmental protection, at each phase: ecodesign, use, reuse, and recycling.

In addition, the museum will also focus on the achievements that have been made possible thanks to the innovative capacity of these materials, how their use has changed since their creation, and the advantages offered in terms of security.

recycled mannequins

Plastic is the new fashion

Sempere Mannequins joins The Plastic Museum with the exhibition of two mannequins made from recycled plastic. A head display and a 100% recycled mannequin, made in ResisTek, bags and bottle caps from recycling plants. ResisTek is a totally circular material infinitely recyclable and very resistant, it promotes reuse, and it avoids the generation of waste.

The mannequin wears an Arcteryx brand jacket and it’s exposed next to a chromatic mosaic made with polyamide and polyester thread spools, the kids head exhibitor displays an Ecoalf brand mask made of 100% recycled and recyclable Polyester.

recycled mannequins

Mannequin made of recycled plastics – Arcteryx jacket – polyamide and polyester thread spools

Recycled kids exhibitor

Recycled kids head exhibitor – Ecoalf Mask

The aim of this initiative is to show the world that plastic is essential for society and does not have to be a problem if it is used and managed responsibly.

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