Mannequins with calculated footprint


At Sempere Mannequins, we have obtained the second consecutive seal for Carbon Footprint Calculation. With this certification, created by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition, we demonstrate our continuous commitment to the production of eco-friendly mannequins and displays.

We calculate the emissions produced by the manufacturing of our mannequins, in order to reduce and offset them.

The calculation of the Carbon Footprint is an important tool for measuring the amount of greenhouse gases that a company emits in its daily activity. By obtaining the second consecutive seal, we demonstrate that we have maintained and improved our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, implementing initiatives that include reducing GHG emissions, using sustainable materials in the production processes of mannequins, and implementing sustainable practices in our daily operations.

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Manufacturing sustainable mannequins is our commitment.

At Sempere Mannequins, we are committed to the creation of a completely sustainable fashion retail industry. Obtaining the second carbon footprint calculation seal it is a milestone for us. This certificate recognizes our efforts to remain a leading company in the manufacture of sustainable mannequins in Europe and reinforces our commitment to offering eco-friendly mannequins and visual merchandising products.

If you want to learn about the solutions we offer, check our page about sustainable materials for the manufacture of mannequins.

At Sempere Mannequins, our vision and promise drive us.

This milestone drives the entire Sempere Mannequins team to keep working following our Vision:

Contribute to the creation of a more sustainable circular fashion retail, where all display products come from responsible sources to minimize the impact on the environment.

And it motivates us to make our Promise a reality:

Promote innovation to create mannequins and visual merchandising products that meet the functional and aesthetic needs of our clients, 100% made from natural and biodegradable materials.

If you want to learn about the actions, we are taking to promote change, you can visit our environmental commitment.