IX edition of Madrid es Moda

Sempere Mannequins has the honor of participating in the IX edition of the Madrid es Moda festival as the official collaborator of the event, which takes place between July 1 and 14. The urban festival organized by (ACME) that is responsible for filling the city of Madrid with fashion, beauty and art, coinciding with the Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (July 5-10).
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Madrid wears high fashion.

At the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the Madrid-based luxury Prêt-à-porter Malne, exhibits three looks from its spring-summer 2020 collection, Latin Couture. On the imperial staircase of this museum, three mannequins from the Grace collection pose with Malne’s careful designs, garments that use haute couture techniques designed for a vibrant and timeless woman.

Roberto Verino also exhibits several of his designs in different rooms of the Manor House of the National Museum of Decorative Arts.

The different looks of the designer leave these days of their natural habitat to become the protagonists of spaces dedicated to the history of art and decoration with Sempere Mannequins as an important part of this beautiful scenery.

sempere mannequins Malne
On the imperial staircase of the National Museum of Decorative Arts, three mannequins from the Grace collection pose with Malne’s careful designs.
Roberto verino maniquies

Madrid, headquarters of Spanish fashion.

Finally, designer Beatriz Peñalver has chosen theEugenio Trías Library in El Retiro Park, to exhibit her AW2019 collection titled Nomad. The most special garments in the collection dress our female mannequins Grace.

The casual but sophisticated line of this exclusive fashion firm, which is defined by its contemporary style and fully adapted to international trends in fashion, fits perfectly with the different positions of elegant and feminine attitude of Grace Collection.

In Sempere Mannequins we continue betting on Spanish fashion, we believe in the talent of our designers and in fashion as an element of cultural diffusion.

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Madrid es moda by Semper emannequins