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Sempere Mannequins

Tailor Made

In Sempere, you decide.

Are you working on an exclusive project and you can’t find the character or idea that you have in your head? Are you struggling to find a product within the market that represents your ideas? With Sempere you can decide the specifics of your product. We can modify our designs and manufacture tailor made products that fit in with your design vision.

Sempere Services

Ensuring your store
is always ready

We are your key ally we offer a range of services that means your store is always ready for business. We are ready to offer solutions every day to thousands of professionals working in visual display

  • renovation
    Looking like they looked on the first day.
  • Rental
    Do you need mannequins, body forms, busts, accessories or sculptures for your next installation? Contact us and we will offer the best product to suit your event.
  • Sempere Services
    renovation, rental and point to point delivery
  • Ejercito maniquíes.
    Point to point delivery
    We all like to receive our purchases at the right moment and at the right time. In Sempere we take great care to ensure your mannequins arrive on date on time in perfect condition.

Sempere Guarantee

Easy to use

Our mannequins are created with a material that is more resistant than that of some conventional mannequins. They are fitted with a simple magnetic system that will allow you to remove the arms from the body as well as the head or the legs allowing you to dress the mannequins easily and quickly with minimum fuss.

Perfect fit

We review at every phase the measurements and sizes. This process ensures that all types and styles are adapted for the needs of each client and the fashion market.

Made in Spain

We quality control all aspects of the production process. We use the most advanced technologies, refining and modernising the manufacturing process. This allows us to offer competitive pricing while manufacturing in Europe.