ResisTek. Recyclable and unbreakable mannequins made in Spain by Sempere mannequins

Resistek recyclable and unbreakable mannequins

Resistek recyclable and unbreakable mannequins


A greener future


We believe in a better healthier world, with a vision to respect the land, the forests and the seas. We take care when selecting materials to produce recyclable mannequins. We encourage research, design and development of mannequins that are sympathetic to the environment.
Alicante area has been our home from the beginning. It is an inspiring environment that feeds our creativity. It is for this reason we believe in a greener future where the manufacture of products for the fashion and retail sector live in harmony with the environment.

Mannequins 100% recyclable

Discover our sustainable mannequin collections manufactured from Resistek our key material.

Resistek recyclable and unbreakable mannequins

A perfect mix of recyclable resins


Recyclable mannequins.

products made from ResisTek are created with materials 100% recyclables, the highest part of our mannequin production comes from recycled resins.

Unbreakable mannequins.

Shockproof and drop proof we manufacture unbreakable mannequins, Thanks to the strength of our key material ResisTek as well as avoid damage through accident falls, you can now renew the image of your high-quality mannequins without having to change them for new ones.

Versatility, this material offers an excellent finish whether painted or unpainted or tailored.

Made in Spain

Studio & Warehouse.


We quality control all aspects of the Resistek production process. We use the most advanced technologies, refining and modernising the manufacturing process. This allows us to offer competitive pricing while manufacturing in Europe.

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Resistek recyclable and unbreakable

mannequin collections

Designed & Manufactured in Spain by Sempere Mannequins.
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