Perfect fit mannequins – SEMPERE MANNEQUINS –


 Designed & manufactured in Spain


Perfect fit mannequins are timeless and elegant. Silhouettes with simple lines reflecting fluidity and movement. The Perfect Fit Collection has been designed to enhance the look and fit of clothing. This is a versatile and functional collection for both shop windows and in store display.

perfect fit mannequins collection sustainable mannequins. unbreakable mannequins
Colección de maniquíes Perfect fit mujer. Perfect fit mannequins collection
design and manufacture of high quality mannequins


Our products are created with the conservation of the environment in mind.We work with 100% recyclable materials.

Perfect fit 

Designed specifically for clothing, we review at every phase the mesurements and sizes. ENsuring a good fit is key to ensuring a good look.


Shockproof and drop proof we manufacture unbreakable mannequins to withstand the day to day demands in store.

Easy use magnetic systems

Perfect Fit mannequins include a system of magnetic fittings. This system allows the quick and easy removal of the arms, head or legs from the body so that the mannequins can be dressed and undressed easily and quickly.

Perfect fit mannequins

Colección de maniquíes Perfect fit mannequins collection

Customize your perfect

Choose between different types of caps and heads. Abstract, semi-features, flat top or curved. If none of the options fit your visual project, we can custom design bespoke heads.

Different models of hands are available for holding bags and other accessories.

You can order it fabric covered, painted or in a direct finish. There are a wide variety of different finishes; Matt, gloss, satin, anti-scratch …

Perfect fit mannequins collection. Designed & manufactured in Spain by Sempere Mannequins. Está compuesta por diferentes posiciones de maniquíes de hombre y mujer, (también disponemos de perfect kids), todos ellos se venden con base para instalación. Si necesitas más información acerca de nuestras colecciones de maniquíes puedes contactar con nuestro equipo comercial.