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16 Dec 2019

Kool, the first retail hub in Spain

KOOL, THE FIRST RETAIL HUB IN SPAIN Kool, the first collaborative space in Spain specialized in Retail and focused on design, technology and innovation, will open its doors in January 2020 to become the meeting place where the future of retail will be co-created. Kool is the community that brings together brands, companies and the [...]
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05 Jul 2019
Malne en el Museo de Artes decorativas de Madrid


SEMPERE MANNEQUINS OFFICIAL PARTNER IN THE IX EDITION OF MADRID ES MODA Sempere Mannequins has the honour of participating in the IX edition of the Madrid es Moda festival as an official partner of the event, which takes place between 1st and 14th of July in Madrid. The fashion urban festival is organized by the [...]
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10 Dec 2018
CRUISE mannequins ARTIDI


ÀRTIDI X SEMPERE Providing the best tools for the future professionals of the visual merchandising and retail sector so they can develop their creative capacities to the maximum exponent, it is the main objective for which Sempere Mannequins collaborates with window dressing and visual merchandising Àrtidi Higher School located in Barcelona. #ARTIDIXSEMPERE   The main characteristic of three of the [...]
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01 Oct 2018
bust form bespoke

Bespoke services

Decide the specifics of your product. With Sempere Mannequins #BESPOKESERVICE   We offer not just a product portfolio, but also bespoke services, working closely with our clients on new design projects. #CUSTOMIZEDESIGNS   All elements are totally interchangeable, choose between different styles of arms, fabrics, bases, shapes... and make your idea come true!  #TAILORMADETORSOS   Create unique [...]
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18 Jul 2018

Moisés Nieto x Sempere. Welcome to the mannequin’s party.

#MOISESNIETOXSEMPERE Welcome to the mannequin’s party #MBFWM18   Sempere mannequins joined Mercedez-Benz fashion week 2018 party in collaboration with Moises Nieto, an award-winning female fashion brand founded by the same designer who names the firm. He presented his new collection through a visual experience close to the concept of performance. The digital presentation was held [...]
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04 Jun 2018
Invictus Football Collection. Chilena Mannequin


INVICTUS FOOTBALL COLLECTION Invictus Football Collection> DYNAMIC AND UNBREAKABLE FORMS EVOKING ENERGY, VICTORY AND PRESTIGE. Invictus Football Collection Invictus Football Collection This new sports edition Invictus Collection is a result of our love of design and our search for excellence. Invictus Football Collection This new addition to our sports is a result of our love design and [...]
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29 Dec 2017

PHB x Sempere. A collaboration with Pierre Henry Bor Paris

PHB X SEMPERE A collaboration with Pierre Henry Bor Paris Photographer @robbiequinnnyc Pierre Henry Bor Paris  is a French vegan fashion brand created by a talented couple: Sarah Loss the studio director and Pierre Henry Bor, founder and artistic director. We really love Pierre Henry Bor fashion designs and how they blend casual style with couture world. [...]
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06 Dec 2017


Copper Sophisticated, warm, bright Coming back to streets, shops, interiors and fashion. Copper, this metal has become the "new gold" and is consolidated in the ranking of the most CHIC materials in the market. Fashion brands and furniture designers are strongly committed to the warm and sophisticated style of copper. Copper combinations. Works very well [...]
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20 Apr 2017

Impossible moves?

Impossible moves?   Capturing the attention of our target audience when they are in a hurry is no easy task ... How can we achieve this? How about a high-impact shop window that will grab their attention...? We understand the complexity of recreating impossible movements; Crossing legs that evoke sensuality, postures that reflect personality, or [...]
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