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Tailor Made

 Designed & manufactured in Spain


Bust and torso collection. Inspired by the world of haute couture and high quality fashion. The Tailor Made Collection represents contemporary silhouettes that are perfect for displaying all types of looks for the best brands.

Tailor made offers every brand the opportunity to completely customize their busts from the base to the head. You can choose fabrics to cover the bust forms, custom made bases, original tops, specific finishes for the arms. A bespoke product specific to your requirements. Everything is possible in the world of Tailor Made…

Designed and manufactured in Spain. Tailor Made ensures high quality products that are super-resistant, eco-friendly and lightweight. Always finished with materials of the highest quality.



Super Resistant, Shockproof and drop proof we manufacture unbreakable mannequins to withstand the day to day demands in store.


Our products are created with environmental conservation in mind. 100% recyclable.

Perfect fit 

Designed specifically for clothing, we review at every phase the mesurements and sizes. Ensuring a good fit is key to ensuring a good look.


Thanks to the strength of our key material, you can now renew the image of your torsos without having to change them for new ones. Our image change service ensures that your product will look like new.

Tailor Made

Bust and Torso collection


Creating your own Tailor is simple, to help you decide we suggest 5 clear steps:

– Choose one of the models from the collection.

– Choose the covering fabric, we have a wide catalogue of different types of fabrics and colours.

– Decide a look for the arms; Tinted, Distressed, Painted, Natural…. with articulated or paddle hands

– Select a base and a top, you can choose between different types of bases and tops in the colours and finishes that you prefer

– It’s time to finish your bespoke design, you can engrave your logo and ask for the final finishes that make your product brand specific.

male bustform
bustos colgados con cadena

Bust and torso collection. Designed & manufactured in Spain by Sempere Mannequins. Please contact our sales team for further information