16 Dec 2019

Kool, the first retail hub in Spain



Kool, the first collaborative space in Spain specialized in Retail and focused on design, technology and innovation, will open its doors in January 2020 to become the meeting place where the future of retail will be co-created.

Kool is the community that brings together brands, companies and the best professionals in the sector to boost connections, create collaborations and generate business opportunities.

Among the partners that form this collaborative space are the leading companies in different retail areas that will present their most innovative solutions, such as Ilumisa specialized in architectural lighting, Kendu that works on customized visual communication solutions for the retail sector, Sempere Mannequins specialized in manufacture of mannequins and visual displays or The Spanish Retail Association whose purpose is the dissemination, support, development and professionalization of Retail in Spain.

This community is born from the need to create an innovative and collaborative ecosystem focused on retail, where to facilitate a space of conversation between brands, companies and entrepreneurial talents that seek to co-create unique projects.


To facilitate the management of points of sale,

it is necessary to find the most innovative

solutions and the best partners

The shops are reinventing to

offer much more than products:


The partners that are part of the Kool community will be informed of the latest trends in the sector and will have access to the most advanced retail solutions. On the other hand, companies that want to exhibit their services, can create a “shopping experience” in an original space that they can adapt to the identity of their brand. Entrepreneurs will be able to research and develop new business lines, have access to the best experts and create collaborations with other members.

The first space of Kool will be located in the center of Madrid (Calle Silva 14), the commercial nerve center of Madrid and its space will feature:

  • – Collaborative Showroom: Shared exhibition space, where companies can exhibit their solutions and test new product line.
  • – Coworking: Workplace designed to boost creativity and collaboration among members.
  • – Skool: Training space within Kool that offers courses, workshops, shopping tours and specialized training provided by industry experts.

Kool also projects an expansion plan in the main European retail cities (London, Paris and Barcelona), which will be launched as of 2020, to create other Kool local communities and generate a network of interconnected hubs focused on retail.