10 Dec 2018
CRUISE mannequins ARTIDI



Providing the best tools for the future professionals of the visual merchandising and retail sector so they can develop their creative capacities to the maximum exponent, it is the main objective for which Sempere Mannequins collaborates with window dressing and visual merchandising Àrtidi Higher School located in Barcelona.



The main characteristic of three of the mannequin collection avalible at the school, Perfect Fit, Cruise and Tailor Made,is that they are manufactured in Spain with our exclusive ResisTek material, which is 100% recyclable and unbreakable. This helps students to handle the mannequin freely and experiment with them without worrying about the possibility that they may be damaged or broken. In addition, all the mannequins can be personalized with different upholsteries, colours, paintings and finishes to achieve differentiated styles that adapt perfectly to the innovative windows display that are created at school.

The fourth collection, available in Àrtidi, called Boho is made of a standard material. It makes it easy for the students to know how to handle all types of mannequins that are currently in use in the market and to learn to choose the kind of mannequin that best suits each type of project.

Boho mannequin collection

To present the collaboration Àrtidi X Sempere, the different collections of mannequins were part of the Àrtidi Open Night event at school. The collections of Sempere Mannequins were premiered in their shop windows displays created  specially for the occasion, in front of more than 200 people who passed through the school to know the proposals of Spanish designers such as Alex AndréLa Cabellera de BereniceCoShopColmillo de MorsaAna TichyPau Esteve y La Sonrisa. It was also attended by the journalist specialized in fashion, Peté Soler, who spoke of the different facets of fashion in the city of Barcelona. All accompanied by live music.

We hope to see soon the students work reflected on our mannequins, we are sure that they will take advantatge of the opportunity of studying at this prestigious school and that they will surprise us with excellent innovative proposals.