06 Dec 2017



Sophisticated, warm, bright

Coming back to streets, shops, interiors and fashion. Copper, this metal has become the “new gold” and is consolidated in the ranking of the most CHIC materials in the market. Fashion brands and furniture designers are strongly committed to the warm and sophisticated style of copper.

Cobre, copper,

Copper combinations.

Works very well in the designs and is a fantastic option to combine it. It looks great in block color spaces, or with natural materials that provide contrast such as wood, smoked glass or velvet. Perfect companions to create sensations that can evoke from mid-century style, cool style or the most luxurious Scandinavian style.

Copper joined Nistal Design, Cualiti studio and Sempere mannequins.

Taking advantage of this trend, and because of the launch of the new lamp “CU” the metal made lamp, a lamp inspired by the purity of copper and designed by Mario Nistal, our perfect fit mannequins dress up as a party. The combination of copper with velvet has been chosen for this occasion, a perfect identity to wear interior spaces that convey quality, warmth and modernity.

Cobre, copper,


Lamps Nistal (www.nistaldesign.com)

Photography and Art Direction: Cualiti (www.cualiti.com