20 Apr 2017

Impossible moves?

Impossible moves?


Capturing the attention of our target audience when they are in a hurry is no easy task … How can we achieve this? How about a high-impact shop window that will grab their attention…?

We understand the complexity of recreating impossible movements; Crossing legs that evoke sensuality, postures that reflect personality, or simply an attitude …

That is why in Sempere we have created a new way of understanding the world of window dressing and visual merchandising. Thanks to our R & D team, we have been able to develop a new innovative product that manages to replicate movements that were impossible until now. The name of this product is …. FLEXI- LEGS.

Have you stopped to think what you can do with a few legs? Depending upon your creativity … these legs can dance, jump, seduce or just impress with their movements …

FLEXI-LEGS are manufactured with a durable, flexible, light material that allows you to work comfortably. You can bend them, stretch them and return them to their original position effortlessly. Working with them is simple and very practical …